I’ve been so happy with how my little kitchen & living room “makeover” has been coming along that I thought I’d share some of the photos I’ve been taking. Thanks to Pinterest, it has been much easier to define my style & what I love most! When I pin photos to my “Interior Design Inspiration” board, I only pin rooms/decor that I absolutely love. So, when looking at my board, it is very easy to see an overall pattern–lots of white, airy and light, soft blues, new mixed with old, rustic, natural wood, and casual/comfortable.

My table isn’t exactly what I was looking for. But, after happening upon it at Tickled Pink, Mom & I both loved it and I knew it would work well with the room. It was a steal–especially when compared to the Restoration Hardware table we had originally planned on.

This image (below) seems to sum up my style pretty well. I have been enjoying bouquet after bouquet of fresh flowers from my yard!
This is the snowball bush my Grandma Jean gave me. I am really liking this simple pitcher vase from IKEA.

The cabinets flanking each side of the window seat are perfect for creating more storage for all the kids’ art and craft supplies + my mason
jars and vases are displayed in the top.

I picked up this starfish & shell garland for a mere $10 at Big Lots. I’m not sure where it is going to end up, but for now I just draped it over
the chandelier. I had planned to swap the chandelier out for a drum shade pendant. A couple coats of white paint  make it suitable for now.

The window seat itself? I’ve always wanted one and will be sure at least one built-in is included in our future home-building plans.
Until then, I found a simple way to incorporate a window seat into our existing kitchen: IKEA’s Expedit bookshelf turned on its side.
My husband built a box and attached it to the back to extend the seating and make it deeper. The seagrass baskets, also from IKEA,
create a TON of storage for games and puzzles.

This neat Etsy shop inspired me to make a terrarium as an everyday living centerpiece.

It turns out I haven’t taken many photos of the living room. But, here is my new wall gallery that Jon and I hung on Saturday night. : )
The pillow covers are from Etsy. I love my feather throw pillows from IKEA. So comfortable!

Jon and I love how this gallery turned out. It was a very fun vacation and the photos make me smile! You can see them better here.

If you have any questions or would like to know where an item was purchased, just let me know in the comments below or on my facebook page.



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